Welcome to the “new” w6sdm.net

cropped-steves-portrait-w-border-290x290.jpgFor some reason I got the sudden urge to completely reinvent my web site. It’s not that I didn’t have anything else to do.  Maybe I just got tired of the old one, which has been up in its current form for years.

So, I dusted off Adobe Dreamweaver and Fireworks and we will see what happens. I have a ton of plug-ins and filters for Photoshop that I’ve never used. Now, just to find the time.

In addition to a complete makeover of the content, I want to add a blog, which you’re reading now. I also want a forum so that others can discuss some of the subjects that I’m passionate about: Amateur radio, photography, and off road exploration.

As far as design goes, I would like to apply my own experience in using what I learned about graphic design and typography:

  • Simplicity makes a complex statement.
  • Less is more.
  • White space is your friend.
  • The rules were made to be broken.

This place will be a mess for a while as I get everything working.  Thanks for stopping in.

One thought on “Welcome to the “new” w6sdm.net

  1. Could you pass on the following to the MARA group:

    Field Day

    The Arizona Science Center, W7ASC, will admit any Ham on Saturday the 28th (only) for free. Go to the admissions desk and show either your license, call-sign on hat or shirt, or your CSCE.
    John – K7JP

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