About Me

Okay, so why a blog? I suppose it’s because everyone else has one.  I can express my opinions and pretend that someone else actually cares to listen. It’s also because I enjoy online publishing technology — getting my opinionated ideas published is secondary to the fact that I love playing with this stuff.Steve4 6X6 72dpi

Publishing has come from printing with lead type, a giant press, and lots of paper, something that only the elite few could accomplish, to a simple computer and some free software. In years past, many ideas died along with the originator because mass communication was something that was either closely controlled by an autocratic government or just too costly and complex for the average person to undertake.

Digital publishing affords me not only the opportunity to express myself in words, it allows me to explore the art of typography. I get to control the fonts, colors, layout, and photos and graphics on this site. It’s a place to play as much as it is a place to get serious. It’s an escape as much as it is a workshop.

On this site I get to promote the things that I like, amateur radio, photography, and exploring Arizona.  Hopefully, we share some of the same interests and you will enjoy your visit.


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